Yo Pisano!

"Welcome to the mob chief. We have been expecting your return. Your limo has been made, so we gotta get you in something new. You can start by REGISTERING, so we can make the neccessary plans to reintroduce you. The godfather has died, so Neeko - The Don has been running the show since. Don't get on his bad side, I'm warning you man, he's a lot more brutal than anyone else we've had. Just do what he says and you'll be fine bossman" - Cousin Vinny

Players Revenge is a FREE browser-based text RPG where users are able to buy property, bank cash, grow a mob and start an online war against others in order to grow their mob and much much more! Join now and you will feel the bruteforce of the Mobsters: Players Revenge society. Do you have what it takes to become a mobster? Find out now!

The team at MPR is dedicated to creating a safe and fun environment for its players to game and game hard. Please don't hesitate to use the forums for help and guidance. If you have any questions, post them there and an admin will be with you shortly to help you.

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